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Our pride lies with the ability to assist you in your online trading journey! XYZ Pocket; your trading partner!

Free Video and Written courses just for you! Forex trading at its best. We profit from seeing you realise your dream of becoming a successful trader.

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Individual Online Learning

Comprehensive free online courses

Study at your own pace. Learn the forex trading basics from scratch! Stop wasting money with Mentors and Trading Schools/Classes that have no idea what they are doing. Learn from the PROs. At XYZ Pocket, we have got you!

Free Education at your fingertips – XYZ Pocket

Study anywhere, whenever!

Stuck in a cue at the bank, no problem! Whip out your Smartphone and start learning. Our content is fully responsive for any device. XYZ Pocket will impress you!

Free Education is in Our DNA – XYZ Pocket

“Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students”.

Solomon Ortiz

We acquaint individuals with the universe of forex trading, and give instructive substance to assist them with figuring out how to become productive traders.

We’re additionally a network of traders that help each other on our every day exchanging venture. That is what XYZ Pocket stands for.

Once upon a time, before iPhones and selfie sticks existed and when web trolls were as yet adorable infant trolls, we began exchanging monetary standards.

We understood how it was amazingly elusive data online for apprentice merchants when all is said in done yet significantly harder to discover anything instructive that could be applied to our own exchanging.

In the event that we found something fascinating, the substance just secured a bunch of forex-related themes and not many sources had practical experience in forex – everything was dissipated.


We knew there must be a superior way.

So XYZ Pocket fabricated it.


Presently we have the School of Trading, our free online courses, just as articles on forex news, trading systems and resources.

All that you have to begin in trading forex, XYZ Pocket has it all and it is FREE!

We don’t profess to have super merchant capacities or market wizardry. We’re additionally not here to confess and lie to you that Forex trading is easy. Forex trading is not for everyone and you could lose all your capital.

You’re not going to hear us make legendary cases of having the option to make a quadrillion dollars daily; Forex trading is not a get-rich-quick- scheme.

XYZ Pocket will not lie to you and you should never listen to the so called “experts” who claim inflated profits and never losing strategies.

XYZ Pocket exists to shield novice traders from losing all their cash in the forex market either from their own poor exchanging choices or from the Brotherhood of Evil Marketing Wizards, the retail forex industry’s likeness fake relief sales reps who bait the honest with absurd cases of pain free income and sacred goals.

XYZ Pocket will teach you Forex trading strategies that are sound and will make you decent profits while protecting from losing all your money.


Stop paying expensive Mentors and Forex training institutes and start taking your trading journey serious by doing it yourself. XYZ Pocket will assist you in this regard with our full and free Forex trading courses.

Take any of our recommended courses at XYZ Pocket, follow the course content in order, moving from beginner to advanced. Dedicate a couple of hours a day to Forex training and the possibilities are endless.

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